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Auto Shipping Guide

While relocation to a new state and a city is an unnerving idea, moving your family vehicles can give you nightmares. If your family has more than one vehicle, transporting them safely securely and in the most cost-effective way can be really problematic, if you are dong it for the first time and really do not now how to go about it. This Auto Shipping Guide is aimed to equip you with adequate knowledge on you to prepare you on how to select a car shipping company, what are the crucial services to look for, how to prepare you cars for shipment and other details. When you do not have adequate number of drivers in your family to drive away all the cars, you have to depend on the service of a professional car shipping company – who has the requisite expertise to relocate your vehicles. The first step in your car relocation program is to look for the right auto shipping company. While the Yellow Pages are good resources for locating a good auto moving companies, the internet can give you more options and it is fairly easy to come up with the right company of your choice. Car shipping, auto moving, auto shipping, transport vehicle are some of the ‘keywords’ which you can type on your favorite search engine. The other salient features of auto shipping are:

  • There are many companies who can put you through a network of auto shipping companies. This kind of company can help you access multiple quotes for transshipment of your vehicles.
  • You could also use the references from friends and colleagues who have recently relocated their vehicles. There is nothing more convenient than getting to know first hand about the experience of another person.
  • In case you can not find an auto shipping company near your locality, look for auto terminals or carriers who can organize a pick up and drop off of your vehicle from a convenient place – either your home or some other vantage point.
  • Accessing an auto shipping company who you can trust is not an easy task. Begin by checking whether the company is licensed and bonded by the US Department of Transportation or DOT. All the vehicles registered under this body, will abide by the safety, bumper and pollution standards. To check whether your selected auto transport company meets the regulations for safe transporting and their past business records, you could check with DOT and Better Business Bureau.
  • In order for the auto transport company to give you a realistic quote for the transshipment of your vehicle, there are a few factors which are involved in the overall costing.
    These include:
    - If there is any specific date of delivery of the vehicle to destination.
    - The number of vehicles to be transshipped.
    - The distance to be traveled.
    - The size of the vehicle to be transported.
    - If the service requires door-to-door pick up and drop off or you are ready to operate from terminal to terminal.
  • Find out from your selected auto shipping company about the additional charges for ‘oversize’ vehicles. These are charges which you might have to pay for extra large vehicles like SUV’s, vans or pick up trucks. These additional fees are required since these large vehicles occupy more space than average cars in the container trucks.


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